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Welcome at Karate-Do Gentofte

Karate-Do Gentofte and Sensei
Karate-Do Gentofte was founded on the 1st of February 2012 under the technical guidance of chief instructor (Sensei) Lasse Kristensson. 
Sensei Lasse carries the rank of 5th dan IJKA and have been practicing karate since 1995. Sensei Lasse has many years of teaching experience and utilises his professional education as a physiotherapist and the deep knowledge of the body to teach karate in a very detailed way.
Sensei Lasse holds instructor certification from the Danish Karate Association (Dansk Karate Forbund). Sensei Lasse is a direct student of Kato Shihan (9th Dan), IJKA world chief instructor. Sensei Lasse travels several times a year to participate in training sessions under Kato Shihan. Sensei Lasse has received education from other karate legends such as Kanazawa Kancho, Yahara Shihan, Kagawa Shihan and Andre Bertel Sensei. 

KDG is formed as a democratic association under the Danish law of Associations. Within this framework, we make room for the traditional karate hierarchy, taking the Danish culture into consideration. We focus on the physical and mental development, just as it has been done traditionally in Japan dating back from the feudal days of Japan.
Our values are based on traditional Karate-Do values (Karate means Empty Hand and Do signifies the road one have to
travel to develop ones own karate). 
We put high emphasis on mutual respect and the development of a community in which we help each other improve our
skills and enjoy each other’s company. This we further try to support through annual summer camp, club championship and Christmas party. 
We train traditional Shotokan Karate. Our goal is to make sure our members are introduced to karate in a safe environment and to make sure, that all students are taught in a structured and coordinated way. We focus on strengthening the competencies of the children, thereby increasing self-confidence, strength and interest in karate. 
There are many reasons for taking up karate training, some want to train for self-defence, others for the mental
development and some for the physical training. To us it’s important that all can practice karate at KDG – Karate is for everybody – no matter gender, age or physical ability.
Our recommendation is to participate twice a week to build the physical strength and to follow the planned development in each class.
KDG is a member of the Danish Karate Association (Dansk Karate Forbund)
KDG is the representative of the Shotokan Style association IJKA International in Denmark (Danish Honbu Dojo) under Kato Shihan, 9th Dan, World Chief Instructor of IJKA.

We accept throughout the year. You have to be 8 years as a minimum to become a member. If you have practiced karate previously you can join a class equivalent to your level.
For more information please write to formand@karate-do-gentofte.dk, we will respond within 24 hours.
Price and terms
Price per month for adults: 325,00 kr.
Price per month for children/youth: 275,00 kr.
Price per month for miniput: 125,00 kr.
There is no enrollment fee.
Please pay by standing order through your Dankort/VISA-Dankort.
Payment will be charged on the 1st of each month 
License fee to the Danish Karate Association (Dansk Karate Forbund) of 100,00 kr. per year will be charged. The License
includes a dental and martial arts accident insurance, for further information please see http://www.danskkarateforbund.dk/dkf/default.asp?page=448 (in Danish)
Cancellation of membership must be done by mail to formand@karate-do-gentofte.dk with one months notice by at the end of the month.
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